Road Trip To Hong Ning Chinese Old Age Home

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Hong Ning Chinese Old Age Home in Delgravia, just on the border of Jeppestown, on Main street.

Nomatter, a fellow #teamvuvu soldier, and I took two Rea Vaya buses and a short walk through Troyville and upper Jeppestown to visit the home.

We spoke, asked questioned, learned more than we bargained for, and crossed the isthmus that divides news subject from friend.

All morning, these words from Italo Calvino’s Invisible Cities spun a dappled, crystalline web between my ears and cast a sherbet-powder-dust veil over my eyes:

“Between each idea and each point of the itinerary an affinity or a contrast can be established, serving as immediate aid to memory.”   

I am yet to pinpoint what the essential meaning of these words is, not yet. But a sense of their profoundness swells fat in my mind and tongue, producing a grin drizzled with wonder.

I do promise you, learned friends of this blog, no sooner this melodramatic state evaporates, and the elusive meaning hidden in the clouds of Calvino’s words distills itself in relation to the cool surface of outrageous exploration of Joburg’s Chinese community, than out the mouth of babes we go.

Trot trot trot.

‘Till then…


2 thoughts on “Road Trip To Hong Ning Chinese Old Age Home

  1. Lovely pictures, lovely post, lovely quote, I read it as being on the trip from an idea to its completion there is a road filled with other interesting ideas, each serving their own purpose, leaving their own memory.

    1. Can’t agree more. Ideas speeding by like traffic and dazzling in the past tense. Someone once said “all you need to write is a door you’re willing to close and lock”..

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